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Voice Broadcasting (Voice SMS)

Voice broadcasting is a tool which enables you to simultaneously send recorded voice messages to multiple phone numbers. The sender can record messages in advance and can transmit them all from a phone number using a centralized interface. The customer is called by the voice broadcasting system, plays a marketing message, and then asks the recipient to press a number on their keyboard (e.g., "1") to get more information or to connect to a live agent.

This makes it easier for you to send out thousands of messages at once. This means that anyone who wants to hear it as soon as possible is reached by a message.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting (Voice SMS)

Reliable engagement

By sending a recorded voice broadcast, important messages reach everyone. Also, these messages are efficient, cheap, and dependable to send.

People Voice

This helps to speak with customers for example in rural areas there are so many farmers living and amongst these farmers, most of them are illiterate so this helps to connect with the farmers using their native language.

Educational Enhancement

Due to the worldwide pandemic in 2020, so many educational institutions are sending guidelines to students and for kids they are providing lessons for example, kids can learn rhymes by just pressing the given buttons and exams are taking place for example, MCQ and quiz.

Text VS Speech

Written messages easily convert to speech to reach the maximum audience for your messages.